Out of the Furnace

Director: Scott Cooper

Writers: Brad IngelsbyScott Cooper

Stars: Christian BaleCasey AffleckZoe Saldana |See full cast and crew

Out of the Furnace is a 2013 American thriller film, directed by Scott Cooper, from a screenplay written by Cooper and Brad Ingelsby. Produced by Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio for Relativity Media, the film stars Christian BaleCasey AffleckWoody HarrelsonZoe SaldanaForest WhitakerWillem Dafoe and Sam Shepard.- wikipedia

We have a WINNER! Out of the furnace is a gripping suspense filled drama. The plot follows the lives of two brothers, Russell BazeCasey-Affleck-in-Out-of-the-Furnace (Christian Bale) is a working class man who makes his living at the local steel mill and constantly picks up after his brother Rodney Baze Jr’s (Casey Affleck) mistakes. Rodney works for the U.S, military and has been to four tours in Iraq.

The film is set in a declining America, it has a realistic setting in a suburban neighborhood that is declining as the years go by. The out-of-the-furnace-woody-harrelsonperformances in this film are exceptional, forget Woody’s fluffy character in the Hunger Games, his character Harlan DeGroat is a hard psychotic outlaw that resides in the mountains with Meth cooking Hillbillies.

Out of the furnace is a hard hitting realistic drama about the traumatic horror of war, the anarchy and hopelessness of a socially and economically declining society and the dissolution of family.

I can easily rate out of the furnace as one of my favorite films this year. It’s a cinema lovers delight with everything on offer, love, out-of-the-furnace-official-trailer-0hardship, family and loss but perhaps more evident than anything else it’s a commentary on the decline of working class America.

When there are so many U.S. films being released that have such a severe disconnect with the reality of America’s current condition it is refreshing to see such an honest and vivid representation of the issues that  so many forgotten americans are experiencing.

Out of the furnace is a bold and brave statement, one which needed to be made.

8 out of 10

References:IMDB, Wikipedia, Google Images.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Furnace

  1. Good review. It tried to be more than it was, but oddly enough, when the movie just stuck to being a lean and mean revenge-tale, it actually quite worked. Not a very good one, but a compelling one nonetheless.

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