The Station Agent

Director: Thomas McCarthy

Writer: Thomas McCarthy

Stars: Peter DinklagePatricia ClarksonBobby Cannavale |See full 

The station agent is a character driven drama starring Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale. Michelle Williams also has a small part while a couple of other notable actors have cameos.

The film mainly revolves around Finbar Mcbride, (Peter Dinklage), whose only friend dies and leaves him an inheritance. Finbar decides to move into a station house and meets Joe Oramas and Olivia Harris who almost runs him down with her car twice.

The films charm lies in it’s simplicity and ability to delve deeply into each character’s life. This formula holds up well because the characters have been developed and played seemingly effortlessly by Patricia and Peter , two accomplished and notable actors at the top of their game.

For viewers that enjoy simplistic character driven drama’s you may find this film a  treat, It’s not as brilliant as an Aki Kaurismaki film with stunning cinematography or understated drama but it is an American effort none the less and one which I found to be quite enjoyable. It was especially refreshing to see Michelle Williams step back into a small role, which I don’t believe I’ve seen her do since Dawsons Creek.

The film has won 1 Bafta award and 26 others, a complete list can be found here.

6 out of 10.

References: IMDB & Google Images


2 thoughts on “The Station Agent

  1. Bobby Cannavale was just so much fun here and stole every scene he was in. It also helped that he had a bunch of fun dialogue to work with too, but you get my drift. Good review.

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