The Messiah Complex

How is Russell after his out of character brief marriage to vanilla, all American sweetheart songstress Katy Perry? Well lets face it who really cares.

During a very boring sleepless night I decided to ingest Russells latest debacle, with low expectations the Manson introductory music rolled, then proceed to rock and Russell  not so graciously followed.

What was the verdict you say? Well Russells tired routine of “i’m kind of intelligent because I can repeat what is in random youtube videos, then spin it together to make a superficial show full of superficial nonsense ensues.”

Half truths, mixed with a tiny smidge of analytical skepticism does not a relevant or tried and true theory make. There are some noticeable changes in Russells routine, Maybe it’s because he has spent a lot of time in the U.S., maybe it’s because he is comfortably wealthy and has gone soft. One of those noticeable changes is that his comedic timing is OFF, his lyricism has slowed down markedly and he seems less able to spout off barely intelligible, sentences that become unintelligible arguments or points with ease.

Russell is a showman, a comedian, a SHOW OFF and it’s probably a bit early to say that a man so adept at self promotion who not only understands how the media machine works but knows how to manipulate it effectively to his advantage is done for but if his latest tired performance is anything to go by one could easily be fooled into assuming that the end is nigh.

If your interested in “funny” talk about fucking cats or the chronic fascination and misrepresentation of Adolf Hitler as the worst and most “evil” whatever that means man who ever lived, (yes there are worse and there is continual genocide happening in the world to this very day). – Yes I know Hitler was an asshole.

Then feast your eyes and pollute your ears with the one and only world famous Russell “BRAND”. HAHAHAHAHAHA funny comedy indeed.


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