Boxing Helena

Boxing Helena

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Writers: Philippe Caland (story), Jennifer Chambers Lynch(screenplay)

Stars: Julian SandsSherilyn FennBill Paxton |See full cast and crew »

Apparently this film has a bad rap, with an IMDB rating of 4.5. I was surprised to find this since in the 90’s this film was wildly popular amongst my friends, so I just supposed everyone liked it.

Boxing Helena is the story of a love affair between a surgeon and a beautiful woman. The film is like American Mary in reverse, instead of a revenge, blood soaked amputation flick this film, it’s predecessor is a romantic tale of obsession.

Whilst I enjoyed the film when I saw it in the 90’s I am not going to re watch it and give an updated review, (or I might but not now).

The premise of the film is disturbing but not as much as a horror film and although dark, I remember the role of the  besotted doctor was played quite well.

If you want to take a gander at one of the cult films of the 90’s then be my guest.


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