Director: Nick Brandestini

Writer: Taylor Segrest

Darwin is a documentary about a small town called Darwin located at the edge of Death Valley.

The town itself has a long and rich history, and now in its dying days seems to attract people who have been propelled from main stream society for one reason or another.

Darwin is a documentary with an identity, it knows what it is. The writers and directors have carefully plotted an idea and carried it successfully to fruition. They know what they want to say and execute their artistic vision proficiently.

A third of the way through the documentary two of the town members venture out to the  Ranch where the Manson family once  dwelled and this seems to be the catalyst for a change in the film where the town members lives are examined and their reasons for moving to Darwin are revealed.

Some gruesome truths and tragic events are revealed to the viewers which allows the fascination with the documentary to compound,leaving us wanting more.

Towards the end of the film the lives of the townspeople are put into perspective with the rest of the world, throughout they have discussed the way that their way of life in Darwin has healed or broken themselves and others and discuss the effect that Darwin has had on their worldview.

Darwin is an interesting watch, particularly if you’ve ever thought about escaping the rat race or running away from your life.

While not for everyone, I do recommend viewing this Doc, it’s not the kind of film that will change your life but it’s interesting and carefully crafted which should hold your attention.

5 out of 10.

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