The necessary death of charlie countryman


Director: Fredrik Bond

Writer: Matt Drake

Stars: Shia LaBeoufEvan Rachel WoodMads Mikkelsen |See full cast and crew »

Plot line: Charlie Countryman is a young man from the U.S. who travels to Bucharest  after the death of his mother.

Matt and Fredrik may have had good intentions going into this project, but Charlie Countryman fails to deliver on many levels.

Shia Le Beouf  has never been a favorite of mine and in this instance he has clearly been unable to fill the demanding role of Charlie.

What should have been an interesting tale of international romance was ultimately pummeled by Shia’s lack of ability to accurately portray any of the subtle emotions that Charlies character required.

Charlie Countryman is a character driven film, with little special effects and a fairly straightforward story line, we are left only to be wowed by a cast of phenomenal actors who are meant to show us the great characters of the story.

Unfortunately Mads Mikkleson, Rupert Grint and Evan Rachel Wood are the only main actors in the story that even bothered to build their characters to a point that were worth viewing. (Uncannily most of the actors that played small parts fared quite well in this respect).

Mads performance was fantastic as the scary, passionate and fiery gangster husband.It wasn’t until he appeared that I could actually bear even watching the film.

Evan’s fake accent was almost comical and I can’t help feeling that she was wrong for the role because of this fact alone, there were probably many other European actors that could have pulled off the part of Charlie’s love interest a lot better.

There were numerous other factors that let this feature down other than the weak story line and absurd attempts at humor.Were we supposed to laugh at Rupert’s Viagra induced boner?

The film tended to stop and start continuously without having any kind of flow making it tedious and annoying to watch, even if you could stomach Shia’s weak performance.

There are just too many negatives to this project to give it a high rating,it’s a failed project that may have been better off left alone to European actors, rather than a couple of big names from the U.S. who ultimately compounded  it’s faults and lead to its downfall.

Charlie countryman is a lackluster flick, not worth your time and a waste of mine.

A generous 3 out of 10 (considering Mads performance).


10 thoughts on “The necessary death of charlie countryman

      1. HAHAHA well he’s made an impression on you then. NO I haven’t seen it yet. I have heard that it’s gruesome. I have seen Valhalla Rising and watch Hannibal.

        I’m looking forward to watching the hunt (jatgen) but haven’t been in the mood for it yet.

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