Director: Woody Allen

Writers: Woody AllenMarshall Brickman

Stars: Woody AllenDiane KeatonJohn Beck |See full cast and crew

Oh Woody, we love you so.

Sleeper is everyone’s, (or should i say my), favorite Woody Allen Science Fiction adventure film. The vibrant, off the wall, hilarious adventures of Miles Monroe will fill your mind with joy and laughter for at least 80 minutes.

Sleeper-1973-4Woody and Marshall have created a tongue in cheek sci fi comedy adventure, which is quite brilliantly executed in a less than perfect Woody Allen style.

Miles Monroe, a health food store owner in the 1970’s admits himself to hospital for a minor operation and is woken 200 years later by underground revolutionary doctors who attempt to use his anonymity to abolish the current dictator of a totalitarian state by infiltrating the “Aries Project”.

sleeper screenshotWoody uses a wealth of one liners and slap stick physical comedy to entertain us on Miles’ journey through a society ruled by a cult like figure where the public is indoctrinated by corporate interests to accept that their cheap and nasty products are good for them, citizens that do not comply with the regimes interests are reprogrammed to accept the universal reality of the police state.

Sleeper 2Woody has created an absolute gem of a comedy which rivals the works of Buster Keaton and fuses the old world comedy of silent film with the early works of science fiction in an astounding feat of ingenuity.

Sleeper has officially become one of my favorite sci fi comedies, over Mars Attacks and Galaxy Quest.

If you’re a fan of the kitsch egg beaters and plungers on the Daleks from Dr Who or just a fan of intelligent, satirical, slap stick comedy in general then this film is a definite on your to watch list.

7 out of 10.


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