Ruby Sparks


Writer: Zoe Kazan

Stars: Paul DanoZoe KazanAnnette Bening |See full cast and crew »

Ruby sparks is a tired theme, a few films that come to mind weird science, harvey, stranger than fiction, etc.

Calven is a literary  genius who has just experienced a painful break up from his long term girlfriend and creates the woman of his dreams by writing her into his story.

The flight of fancy is a vehicle for Calven to work out his relationship issues and break up woes on Ruby his girlfriend spawned from fiction.

I didn’t enjoy the film, the theme, tone or even the cinematography it all put me off.

Steve Coogan makes a cameo which is probably the highlight of this mess.

3 out of 10.

7 thoughts on “Ruby Sparks

      1. 🙂 Well I hope that doesn’t make me a misogynist. The way I see it the film wasn’t trying to say that controlling your girlfriend like a marionette is the way to go. It actually showed how it didn’t work and that expecting someone to be perfect is ridiculous. At least that’s how I interpret the film.

      2. The way I interpreted the film is that the guy was suffering from a break up, went into therapy wrote the character as part of his catharsis, then she came to life. he then took out all of his frustrations and pain from the break up on her because he could and she had no way to escape his treatment. This happened instead of him suffering in peace and working through the break up on his own. It’s a disturbing concept, I find it to be misogynistic and cruel and typically selfish.

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