How I live now


Director: Kevin Macdonald

Stars: Saoirse RonanTom HollandGeorge MacKay |See full cast and crew »

This one was very difficult to watch, It was a terrible film, some kind of teenage dystopian drama that takes place in the u.k.

Saoirse is definitely getting her stripes by appearing in many films and honing her skills as an actress, but I have to say the story was dreadful, the film was fluff and I had to forward most of the scenes because it was too terrible to watch.

Teenagers or tweens might like the film though.

2 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “How I live now

  1. Eh, can’t say I’m with you too much on this. While it did start off all sappy and dull, it does eventually pick up the pace, but also get very bleak at the same time. Good review.

    1. I think that the film was poor quality, cheap and nasty. It also heavily depended upon child actors which generally doesn’t fare well.

      The character development was atrocious, the interaction between characters was abysmal and the first person experience was embarrassingly bad.

      On top of that why is there so many poorly written dystopian dramas, then made into poorly executed films for teenagers.

      War, brutality, human trafficking, death camps, child rape and murder, oppression.

      Why do the children who are lucky enough to be able to live a life free of these atrocities want to be exposed to fictional ones at the age of 11-15, which is clearly the marketing age of the film.

      Making a poor film about these kind of atrocities for profit is just exploiting an individuals sick desire to experience a fairy tale simplistic watered down version of tragedies that people have experienced and in my opinion belittles their experiences, pain and suffering.

      And please…. throwing in that supernatural crap is what really put me over the edge.

      The film is practically a mixed cereal carton package of bullshit and disney version dystopia.

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