Movie Lists


Well lists are all the rage these days, top 5 this top one hundred that . One simply can not look out of the corner of their eye without being visually assaulted by a  LIST.

So in the spirit of this phenomenon I thought I would provide a link to some lists of films to watch.

The New York Times has a database/list of “The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made“.

IMDB has a list of the Top 250 films as voted by their users, personally I think this one is clearly lacking and at risk of offending the general public, sorry I hated the shawshank redemption AND the godfather films.

Rotten tomatoes has a plethora of top 100 lists which can be found on this page

The Sight and sound poll which is made up of critics, directors, academics and distributors can be found here

The village voice film poll can be found here

I actually can not stand lists myself but thought that it’s time I had a few on my site and could not bring myself to actually create such an atrocity.

Enjoy (or not).

And whilst your either doing or not doing that I will be spending time on my favorite media database which is THE most hilarious site on the internet RATIONAL WIKI which is dedicated to debunking all media bullshit found in the universe.


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