To Die For


Director: Gus Van Sant

Writers: Joyce Maynard (book), Buck Henry (screenplay)

Stars: Nicole KidmanMatt DillonJoaquin Phoenix |See full cast and crew 

To Die for is a rich romantic comedy, initially a book that has been adapted for the screen by Buck Henry.

Gus Van Sant has directed this film with a keen eye and his signature is all over it. He seems to let the  story flow effortlessly and unfold before our very eyes using his trademark style.

Nicole Kidman is perfect in  the role of the ambitious Suzanne Stone-Maretto, a stone cold manipulator with the dream of becoming a broadcaster.

Matt Dillon plays Larry Maretto, Suzannes unsuspecting and loyal husband, who falls for Suzanne completely and provides for her every  need as a homebody, a housewife that is bound to be chained to the kitchen sink with brats lapping at her heels.

Joaquin Phoenix  is Jimmy Emmett and Casey Affleck is Russell Hines, the two of them form two thirds of a youth group that Suzanne organizes for her documentary about the state of disaffected youth in the local community.

Things quickly spiral out of control as Suzanne relentlessly pursues her dreams of becoming a broadcaster and events unravel in a hilarious fashion.
6 out of 10.


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