Nobody walks

Director: Ry Russo-Young

Writers: Lena DunhamRy Russo-Young

Stars: John KrasinskiOlivia ThirlbyRosemarie DeWitt |See full cast and crew »

Nobody walks is a collaboration between Lena Dunham & Ry Russo-Young. The story is about a  modern family.

John Krasinski plays Peter who has a son from a previous marriage nobody-walks-movie-photo-22and Rosemarie DeWitt plays Julie who has a daughter from a previous marriage the couple also have a son together.

Peter is a sound engineer who has invited an artist, Martine played by Olivia Thirlby, to the family home in order to collaborate on her latest installation.

nobody walks 1Martine who lives in New York and is visiting the family in L.A. causes quite a stir as Peter & Julie’s familiar marriage begins to unravel due to a tired family routine.

The character development in this film is kept to a minimum, the writers have focused more on the characters roles and current actions which puts  focus on the deeds at hand.

The story is a simple one, the film has been shot beautifully and we nobody-walks06are drawn into the spectacle slowly and surely by the beauty of the characters and the blatant harshness of their deeds.

Nobody walks is a very modern film, it’s not a morality tale but more of a commentary on the modern family where drastic consequences are absent from the characters actions.

5 out of 10 an interesting modern family drama.

References : excellent thing, IMDB

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