The Sopranos

Creator: David Chase

Stars: James GandolfiniLorraine BraccoEdie Falco |See full cast and crew »

Uncle Paulie(Tony Sirico) & Anthony Soprano

The Sopranos is one of if not the best television series ever created with the WORST ending in television history. The entire 6 season series is filled with talented actors delivering exceptional performances written by talented writers.

I always get excited when i see uncle paulie in a woody allen movie or Sopranos_ep211bmore recently Christopher Moltisanti in girls etc. Most of the actors involved in the production appear in many other film and television shows and I always see their Soprano character as soon as they appear on the screen.

Anthony & Carmella Soprano

The Sopranos is a Hbo series which starred James Gandolfini as Anthony Soprano, a Mob Boss  in New Jersey. During the series Anthony’s personal, private and professional life is explored in great detail.

The characters that he interacts with throughout the series include his family, his “other” family and his psychiatrist Dr Melfi, played by Lorraine Bracco.

the sopranosdrmelfi
Dr Melfi

The series was created by David Chase, who wanted to create a story based on his own personal family experience in a “mobster” context. The relationship between Anthony and his mother Livia, played by Nancy Marchand mirrors certain aspects of David’s relationship with his own mother. Apparently David was in therapy at the time of the series inception which is is the inspiration for Dr Melfi. The series is also partly inspired by the Boiardo family, a prominent New Jersey organized crime family when Chase was growing up, and partly on New Jersey’s DeCavalcante Family. [1]

Christopher Maltisanti

The intricacies of the fictional world that David has created is almost impossible to describe, but every episode of the series builds on the previous one and each episode is thrilling in itself. There are no boring parts in The Sopranos. Christopher Moltisanti‘s relationship with  Adriana La Cerva is particularly hard to watch on the re watch but unbelievable to indulge in for the first time.

I have watched the series at least 3 times and tend to get it out once a year and re watch it.This series is perfect for a binge watch, If you haven’t seen it, the characters grow on you and get under your skin, remarkably this is one of the performances by Steve Buscemi that I wasn’t that impressed with.

The Sopranos has won numerous awards for directing, acting, writing and creative arts, a full list can be found here

So…….If you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and watch the drama of the Soprano family unfold before your very eyes.

[1] Wikipedia

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