Charlie Bartlett

Director: Jon Poll

Writer: Gustin Nash

Stars: Anton YelchinRobert Downey Jr.Hope Davis |See full cast and crew 

Charlie Bartlett is a whimsical schoolyard tale of a poor little rich boy who yearns to be loved.

Charlie spends his days concocting schemes to enhance his social CharlieBartlett4standing amongst his peers, at times using less than conventional methods to achieve the desired results.

In many ways this film is similar to Rushmore or could be considered it’s inferior. A whimsical tale about an eccentric young school boy.

charliebartlettThe reason for Charlies misbehaviour is  investigated by his principal, played by Robert Downey Jr who is suffering through his own demons and is saved by Charlie himself.

The film is littered with moral quandaries, the phrases the grass is always greener or be careful what you wish for  play heavily into the less than obvious layers of the plot.

It’s not so much a coming of age drama but more of an investigation charlie bartlett 1into what makes us human. What do we crave or need to survive in society?

These themes mirror those in  other similar films such as Rushmore and Igby goes down.

In the end I would say that this film is the lesser of the three but it’s still an intelligent and interesting comedic drama which attempts to speak to all of us, I give it 5 out of 10 stars.

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