the prisoner

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer: Aaron Guzikowski

Stars: Hugh JackmanJake GyllenhaalViola Davis |See full cast and crew »

Prisoners is a serious drama and although it has it’s faults it showcases brilliant performances by Hugh and Jake.

I find that Jake is always consistently good, sometimes excellent, he never seems to let his guard down and always puts the most into his performances.

This is the first film that I have seen him in where I didn’t find myself completely lost in his character and was more aware that I was watching Jake work, this may be the curse of the supporting actors role, I am not sure.

The film is itself a vehicle for the contentious debate surrounding torture, is it ever necessary or can it be sanctioned?

This is a very dark and complex thriller and I give it a 7 out of ten.


5 thoughts on “Prisoners

  1. Concise review and to the point. Liked it. Jake was very good, but it was primarily Jackman who did it for me. I’ve never seen him give a better performance than this.

  2. I am interested in Jake though, his family has royal lineage and they just moved to the u.s. and seamlessly verged from royal to modern day royal. (celebrity). I find them fascinating and watch them more closely than Hugh. Hugh has always been very good I think that if you feel that ths is his best performance then you are underrating the others. If you watch him carefully in films you will realize that no matter how average the film is that he is in his performance always stands out as professional and above average.

    1. Yup, I agree, he always pulls of a terrific act, whether it be action, or drama, or thriller, irrespective of the film’s quality. While I’ll never underrate any of his roles because I enjoy most of his work so much, I do feel that “Prisoners”, along with “The Prestige” (a close second), and “Les Miserables” plus the “X-Men” series (a joint third) are his best as far as acting is concerned.

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