Aint them bodies saints


Director: David Lowery

Writer: David Lowery

Stars: Rooney MaraCasey AffleckBen Foster |See full cast and crew

A love story that is set in a small american town circa (1970?). The film doesn’t scrimp on style but I found it lacking in a couple of areas. My opinion is that Rooney’s performance wasn’t very strong and the film tended to drag numerous times, there could have easily been 20 minutes cut from the running time.

I have noticed that over the last couple of years, but particularly in 2013 films with extremely long running times have been released which I find baffling and annoying.

Many films released during this period have been unnecessarily saturated with pretentious fillers, possibly because the filmmakers have refused to back down from their “vision” or whatever.

Today’s society doesn’t leave that much time for anything let alone sitting through someones excruciating artistic vision.

I would recommend viewing this film however do not expect to be wowed by a masterpiece.

6 out of 10.


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