Thin Red Line

thin red line

Director:Terrence Malick

Writers:James Jones (novel), Terrence Malick (screenplay)

Stars:Jim Caviezel, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte | See full cast and crew

I must admit that this film was a little personal for me, and although some of the themes in the movie, ie. anti war etc were dramatized in a particular way to represent particular political beliefs I am glad that the Japanese were killed. The fact is in the late stages of this war it was kill or be killed, so I think that from the anti war political perspective malick probably chose the wrong time of the wrong war to make a leftist statement.

It is however one of the best war films that I have seen purely from a film making perspective. The scenes were brilliant, the cinematography excellent the actors all HOT young men.

I can not believe how old Jared Leto is, he seriously looks 18-20 years old in everything that he does.

As with most of Mailcks films this one was a hot mess in most parts. I would not envy any person with the task of editing his films because he completely lacks the ability to tell a linear story and has too staunch of an academic background to make an arty type non linear film.

This is where Malick fails, even though he is grossly intelligent and has a vision for beauty the two never really seem to meet completely and I am still waiting to see what his brilliance has to offer.

I have the feeling that many of his films could have been amongst the best films ever made if he had of let someone who was creatively grounded  edit them.

Definitely one of the best malick films on offer, 7 out of 10 .


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