Igby Goes Down

 Director:Burr Steers

Writer:Burr Steers

Stars:Kieran Culkin, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Goldblum | See full cast and crew

Igby Goes Down stars Kieran Culkin as a disaffected rich young man who after years of enduring his wealthy family decides he has had enough and wants to go it alone.

Igby disobeys his mother, much to her frustration and is helped out igby3by his uncle played by Jeff Goldblum. While Igby staunchly avoids his mothers pleas and is deciding what to make of his life he happens upon two women. One of which is his uncles mistress played by the lovely Amanda Peet , the other is a girl next door “type” Sookie Sapperstein played by Claire Danes.

igby_goes_down-207753Igby thinks he is coming into an inheritance and wishes to cash in early to escape his family, his father Jason Slocumb, Sr. played by Bill Pullman is in a mental institution whilst his mother  Mimi Slocumb played by Susan Sarandon is dying of cancer.

Family truths unravel as do relationships and Igby is forced to make a choice. Igby goes down is an intelligent comedy and commentary on young people’s lives.

Some are struggling to get by and others seem to be sailing through, igbythe truth though more often than not is that everyone has a secret and their own cross to bare.

Igby goes down is a relaxed family dramedy, an enjoyable watch 6 out of 10.

Sources: Wikipedia,Imdb & Google images.


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