The Hudsucker Proxy


Director:Joel Coen

Stars:Tim Robbins, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh | See full cast and crew

The Hudscucker proxy is a very stylish romantic comedy from ethan, joel and sam. Paul Newman is fantastic in his role as the devious board member but even after all of it’s style, perfect comedy and great performances it just seems to be lacking that extra something. I think the reason that Woody allens rom coms and paul thomas andersons punch drunk love are such successful enterprises is because the men are completely neurotic and out of control in those films. They are suffering the deep emotional turmoil, the indecision, the terror of falling in love and the neurosis of loneliness and daily living, not the women.

This is where the Cohen film perhaps fell down, by making the sexist remarks about the ambitious Pulitzer prize winning journalist and putting an angel in to the mix.

It fell flat for me, but many recommend it so don’t be afraid to try it, I’ll give it a generous 6 out of 10 mainly because I liked the set design.

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