The East


Director:Zal Batmanglij

Writers:Zal Batmanglij (screenplay), Brit Marling (screenplay)

Stars:Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page | See full cast and crew

Zal & Brits The East is an easy to watch thriller that will keep you entertained from start to finish, It’s an engaging story which has been carried out quite well. The writing, direction and acting has produced a ready to watch no frills thriller. While The East may not be one of the best films ever made, it’s at least one of the more watchable films of 2013, the year that creativity forgot. 5 out of 10, a recommended watch even if like me you want to punch Ellen page in the face every time she appears on screen and opens her tawdry face hole.

19 thoughts on “The East

      1. well I try not to be judgmental of actual people, with the exception of a few that just irk me, but i am judgmental of people’s actions. i think it is ok that people should be judgmental of others actions if they are published.

      2. I am very inarticulate you would not believe English is my first language. What I meant to say is that when someone publishes their thoughts, art or whatever it may be then it is fair game for criticism, that’s what I think anyway. At any rate I am not going to participate in hate speech so I just un followed that person, perhaps they were being ironic I have no idea. I am trying to write, but I don’t know yet if my first work, ( that I’m working on will be a novella screenplay short story play whatever. I have a local theatre. We shall see. maybe I will never finish it or maybe I will finish it by next year.

      3. 🙂 I know what you mean, but if you create something that you’re proud of I think you want other people to see it and like it as well, I don’t know maybe that’s just how I am..

      4. you are right every one is different and will have a different opinion of what they will do and dont like etc. for me I find too much of the time I will be swept up with others this time I will create my own style.

    1. Shiloh Thomas Fernandez, Brit Marling, Toby Kebbell,Patricia Clarkson were all great skarsgard was o.k. I just get a vibe from him that he likens himself to be a bit of a sex god therefore has given up on trying that hard. He was o.k. and didn’t suck that bad. Better in Lars’ film though.

      1. 🙂 Well, he is good looking. I asked because I loved him in Melancholia, but I don’t know if I’ve seen him anything else I can recall.. but I’m glad to hear the other actors are great!

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