Wonder Boys


Director:Curtis Hanson

Writers:Michael Chabon (novel), Steve Kloves (screenplay)

Stars:Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand | See full cast and crew

A tired old theme, a college professor/author is at a crossroads in his life and some supposedly interesting characters flock into it over a period of a few days as he goes on an adventure of sorts and figures himself out. What annoyed me most about this film is the way that pretentious classics from john Lennon played at annoying out of sync times, bob dylans nasal crooning flashes in at the least opportune moment and  lenny cohens waiting for the miracle blasts over a hauntingly quiet house party.

Maybe my audio is shot but I wasn’t a fan of the obtuse musical placement.

A film that had promise but was seemingly murdered by  pretentious direction? editing? or lackluster acting. It was definitely not Michael Douglas’ finest performance and Katie Holmes seemed wooden.

3 out of 10 because a cliche without imaginative direction and acting is just a cliche or perhaps I’m just in a foul mood.

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