The Killing

Killing-the-killing-19837855-1280-1024 (1)

Stars: Mireille EnosJoel KinnamanBilly Campbell | See full cast and crew

Based on Forbrydelsen,(Creator: Søren Sveistrup Stars: Sofie GråbølMorten SuurballeLars Mikkelsen |See full cast and crew).

A TV series which centers around the murder of a young girl, the detective and her partner charge with uncovering the culprit and a political scandal in the middle of an election campaign.

Now, first let me apologize to the makers and fans of Forbrydelsen because many say that the original is so good that it could not possibly compare to the remake.  I recommend that you watch the original if you can but if not then this version is spectacular on it’s own and the story itself is similar to twin peaks in the way that I could not possibly have guessed who the culprit was until it was revealed. (which does not happen that often to me) and also because the story centers around the murder of a young woman.

I recommend this series without hesitation, as I do many of the films that I review with a rating of 6 or higher.

I rate this one 7 out of 10 an only wish I had made the effort to see the original because it truly is a remarkable series.


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