The Act of Killing


Directors: AnonymousChristine Cynn,

Stars: Haji AnifSyamsul ArifinSakhyan Asmara | See full cast and crew

What do I want to say about this film? I am a terrible writer therefore hardly ever know how to express myself through this medium!

That is what these filmmakers have done though, they have allowed these people to express themselves through the medium of film. I am not going to go into this film, I will say that even  if you never want to watch anything else in your life, watch this one it is one the most terrifying emotionally provoking films I have ever seen and just don’t really have the gumption or nous to be able to do it justice with the kind of review it deserves.

Watch it all the other kids are doing it so there and there is plenty of talk about fairies butterflies and how everything in the world is nice like butter and spice.

8 out of 10.

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