Days of Heaven

days of heaven

Director: Terrence Malick

Writer: Terrence Malick

Stars: Richard GereBrooke AdamsSam Shepard

I literally can not express enough how much I hate this boring horrible terrible infuriating film. Blah Blah terrence malick whoop di do.

It’s boring, Richard gere has always been boring everything he does is dull dull dull. Damn Yuck Spit bbbbbbrrrrrrrgggg aaaaaaggggghhhhhh I wasted 94 min of my life on this travesty that I will never get back, there was no passion, no rage no fire in this film except for the blatantly expected actual fire that arrived just in time for some predictable turn in the story plot filler. It’s literally like watching motionless corpses walking around murmuring every now and then until something pseudo dramatic happens and the film ends. Terrible just terrible.

Boooooo I hated it , it felt like it went for four long boring excruciating hours.

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