Director: Tom DiCillo

Writer: Tom DiCillo

Stars: Steve BuscemiMichael PittAlison Lohman

I really enjoyed this film, the cinematography was aesthetically pleasing for a film with a budget of $5 million. The plot, (storyline) was novel but also engaging because it was a story which explored the classic themes of romance, love, friendship, betrayal and  family relationships in a unique comical fashion.

There is so much packed into this 107 minute indie film, everything is going on. the story itself never skips a beat, its a  faced paced comedy and Steve and Michael really act the crap out of it. Their performances are top notch and it’s something that both of them can be proud of.

I enjoyed it, it’s not entirely an intellectual film but some people might not be able to connect with some of the themes present in the story ie. it’s not like GI JOE or this is the end.

7 out of 10.

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