Melancholia   Lars von Trier  Kirsten DunstCharlotte GainsbourgAlexander Skarsgård

Melancholia is a beautifully crafted demonstration of MELANCHOLIA. If you have ever had Melancholia you will know that this film is brilliant. If you haven’t you may not not understand it. 8 out of 10 from moi.

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7 thoughts on “Melancholia

  1. Great film! My favorite from 2011 and one that I’ll gladly revisit. It’s gorgeous to look at and the performances are incredible. One of the biggest Oscar snubs that year, probably because of that whole Cannes controversy..

  2. This is a true masterpiece of cinema, albeit it seems that it did not get all the praise and attention it IMHO deserves.

    I really enjoyed this film, especially after the stomach-churning Antichrist. Melancholia was much more a film to my liking, even though Antichrist was also good with superb actors and interesting themes.
    Maybe I should review Melancholia (and perhaps Antichrist too…)

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