Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody

Writer: Jaco Van Dormael

Director: Jaco Van Dormael

Stars: Jared LetoSarah PolleyDiane Kruger

Witnessing this film caused temporary blindness. JK. It’s a sci fi, but not a traditional action or thriller sci fi. At times it is deathly boring, at others it’s extremely interesting. I would go as far as to recommend it to film watchers that have a high tolerance for creative experimentation, that also enjoy sci fi drama’s. In fact the film is kind of in the same genre as A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) – IMDb, except that this film is about a million times better than that made for box office terd.

As always Jared Leto is mesmerizing and if you have 141 min to spare then this might be worth a gander.

I rate it 6 out of ten for effort because it is intelligent film making.


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