Director: Jeff Nichols

Writer: Jeff Nichols

Stars: Matthew McConaugheyTye SheridanJacob Lofland 

Well I attempted to slog my way through the film Mud , the experience was akin to trudging through actual mud. It’s a two hour long snoreathon , everything in the film was laughably ridiculous. The characters were painfully boring and overly dramatic even though not much was even happening, the snake bite, “finally something happened”, scene was reminiscent of an 80’s made for television drama. In fact the whole film could have been condensed down to thirty minutes because it just seemed like a stretched out daytime television soap episode.

Michael Shannon made a brief appearance in what was the only interesting five minutes of the film. He worked with the same director on Take shelter and it is now blatantly apparent that Michael’s genius is what made that film rather than Jeff Nichols directing talent if Mud is what he has to show for himself.

Thumbs down for this one, unless you subscribe to the not done well sappy film school of after school special land. In fact if your looking for a sappy drama to watch try the notebook it’s miles ahead of this dribble and has about as much story potential.


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