Only God Forgives


Only god forgives is a strange name for this film.

Winding refns masterpiece will be cherished in years to come, it’s an instant cult classic birthed well before it’s time. The film is much like van goghs art in many ways, I think of starry night and sunflowers.

The storytelling techniques that were used were absolutely phenomenal, at one point in the film the story became a character in that the actual film was narrating the story rather than the actors who had become mute. Pure genius.  The film was a character, it was the storyteller as it built and built and built and built further and further and the deafening silence was suddenly filled with blissful music.

I did do some research before watching the film and cringed when I I saw a camera man from eyes wide shut would be cinematographer on the production. I also cringed when there was a little bit of sound in one of the scenes that was reminiscent of the piano theme in eyes wide shut, it was not a piano sound but a sound with the same rhythmic tone which made me want to scratch my eyes out , fortunately the sound evolved into a melody similar to wind rushing through a tunnel and I was appeased, although this theme of forcing the viewer to be uneasy in their seat and witnessing what they can not tear their eyes or ears away from yet do not want to watch or hear at the same time seems to be ongoing throughout the film.

Much has been said about the violence in this film, I do not see it. There are so many more films that are far more violent, such as the shark attacks in Jaws or the many hails of bullets in American action or war films.

The violence in this particular film doesn’t actually seem violent because it is so obviously fake, akin to the scene with UMA and the crazy 88 in Kill bill, it’s slapstick horror, non realistic violence with spurting fake blood and clean cuts.

I had so many thoughts on particular scenes while watching the film but I did not want to get out my notebook and jot them down because I just wanted to breathe in the genius of Nicholas’ hard work.

I did see an interview with him prior to watching it and was in awe of his creative process. A unique process that obviously makes his work what it will always be, original to a large degree although extremely influenced by the genius of his peers and those long forgotten.

I think that what Nicolas has done in this film has beat Quentin tarantino & Stanley Kubric at their own game, far more tastefully than either of them could have hoped to do.

That is not to say that I don’t still consider 2001 to be one of the best films of all time and pulp fiction the masterpiece of my youth but I feel that Nicolas has achieved what Kubric had attempted with eyes wide shut yet had failed to deliver.

I am extremely excited to see what Nicholas will bring to us to feast our eyes and ears upon next, although I am sure that I will be re watching this film many times, if not only to study his techniques for many years to come.

5 thoughts on “Only God Forgives

  1. Terve.
    Kiitoksia tykkäyksestä Roger Rabbit-arvosteluun Projektorin puolella. 😀
    Silver Screen Reviews ( päivittyy aktiivisemmin.

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