Trance was directed by Danny Boyle, written by Joe AhearneJohn Hodge and stars James McAvoyVincent CasselRosario Dawson.

I am on the fence about this one. Trance got off to a promising start, I was engrossed in the film until mid way when it became a little confusing, then it had a strong finish. Danny Boyle has a style and if you have seen any of his previous films ie. Trainspotting you will recognize his fingerprints on Trance. If Trance was Danny’s debut film I would consider it to be an original film from a director that had a promising career with room for improvement, this is not the case though and in the end it just seemed as though it was trainspotting all over again but with a different subject matter. Trance was like a mish mash of trainspotting and shallow grave rolled into one film with a different subject matter and although Trance is worth watching it just seemed LAZY on Danny’s part,as though he had thrown something together out of all of the old ideas from his previous work.

Trance is like Danny Boyle’s Bubble and squeak, I give it four out of ten because the plot is completely unbelievable and Danny hasn’t put the ground work in to make it an enjoyable fantasy.

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