Paul Thomas Anderson

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Pauls films are all beautiful, the camera work and set design is always as stylish as his storytelling. Whilst his films may not be academic in nature, I feel that most times he does not underestimate the intelligence of his audience. The way in which he tells his stories leaves a lot to the viewer. The story is clearly there but it is not spelled out in capital letters.

To be honest I have a feeling that boogie nights was a big FU to everyone in general. It says, yes I can make a main stream movie filled with violence,comedy, action, porn, catchy 70’s tunes etc and I can make it better than all of you wannabes that are doing it to be cool.

I enjoy his film making style immensely and PTA is definitely one of my favorite storytellers of all time.

My favorite PTA films in order of preference:

The Master

Punch Drunk Love

Boogie Nights

There will be blood



3 thoughts on “Paul Thomas Anderson

    1. Thats good to hear. If you click the word directors instead of the drop down menu you will find many more. I thought that set up may introduce problems for readers. Pta was a favorite of mine and I do enjoy his work 🙂

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