Vikings is a television series starring Gustaf Skarsgård,Gabriel ByrneTravis Fimmel and Jessalyn Gilsig. The series chronicles the life of Ragnar Lothbrok . I found Vikings to be an intriguing and entertaining peek into the pagan world of the Norseman.

I am absolutely smitten with this series, Travis is a fellow Australian but that is not what has me waiting in anticipation each week during the season until vikings airs.

I am so taken with it that I could easily write a review for each episode as some people seem to do but alas am not that pedantic, (yet).

The series is so engaging and as a quest/saga  with extraordinary character development and constant change it makes for a  formidable viewing experience.

The series that has come to rival the game of thrones  has me sitting on edge and brimming with excitement each week as Ragnars  journey develops and those around him develop also. Lagertha  a brilliant shield maiden and earl, Bjorn Ironside her son.

As with most other programs on the History channel Vikings is obviously a very heavily fantasied story about the myth of Ragnar Lodbrok, his wives and famous sons and actual factual events that occurred such as raids on  Lindisfarne the subsequent defeat  and the grant of Viking Danelaw territory ( although these are not portrayed as chronologically accurate in the series).

I am not, however ashamed to say that I love everything about the show, Being 168 cm tall, blond and blue eyed with a fondness of violence deep within my heart I can not see why I shouldn’t love it anyway.

And……….What is up with Ragnars new wife? I hated her the minute I laid eyes on her, Lagertha is the only choice in my opinion but alas she could not bare Ragnar any more of his precious famous sons. So much for an egalitarian society.

Tune in next week? I will be

Definitely 8 out of 10


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