It’s all about me

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Ladies, gentlemen and (hopefully no children are reading my blog), blogs don’t suit their demographic anyway.

It’s time for a little, nay a large amount of trite self indulgence and self pity.

I started this blog because I had a back injury and have had nothing else to do. I watch a LOT of films and television, it’s like a compulsion that I can’t seem to shake and I have also had a virus which has decided to turn itself into a chest infection so much , if not all of what I have written has been done whilst I have been delirious with fever and coughing sputum all over my laptop screen.

I would like to thank my followers and readers for cheering me up during tis crappy time by making the effort to read my nonsensical drivvl.

Also I have read all of your blogs and they are fab, something to aspire to in the near future perhaps.


3 thoughts on “It’s all about me

  1. AAAWWWW shucks thanks david. I started the blog because I thought someone out there might want an independent guide to film and tv. There is so much available online these days and there is nothing worse than sitting around wanting to watch something and having no idea what to watch….well that’s the case for me anyways.

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