Inland Empire

I adore David Lynch Films, here is my brief review.

It’s a David Lynch film……you figure it out because it barely made sense to me and i doubt it even made sense to David.

David Lynch should never have been allowed to make a horror film, I have literally never been so terrified by a film.

David’s film will either be loved, tolerated or abhorred by the viewer, I am a lover of his art and appreciate his contribution.

Enjoy if you dare !


5 thoughts on “Inland Empire

  1. It was one of those films that you enjoy like you enjoy a sculpture: The image moves you in some way because it is composed to look a certain way. You appreciate the constructed image, but it can be hard to define what you are feeling and whether or not you get the intended purpose. This film was immediately unsettling for me, but I like that unsettled feeling, so thumbs up for that, however I am still not sure if it is good film. As you noted, Its David Lynch “you figure it out.” With a reputatuion like Lynch it really is a “viewer beware” situation.

    1. HI!, thanks for your comment, your interest in my blog is much appreciated. It is so interesting to see different consumers reactions to david lynchs work. Personally I think that he is an indisputable genius and love every piece of his work. It took me about 6 years to finish inland empire. I attempted to watch it many times before I completed the film and even now I would have to watch it many more times to fully appreciate it, however I am too afraid. HAHAHAHa. Thank you for your contribution to my blog.

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