Funny Games

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Finally! A Michael Haneke film remade in English, I have always been so jealous of Europeans being able to view Michael’s films in their pure unadulterated form. If subtitles aren’t your thing you may want to check out this film if you’re in the mood to view some psychological torture and in your face cruelty, this film is a statement in itself, a psychological thriller that has been remade purely for your enjoyment.

8 out of 10 stars 

7 thoughts on “Funny Games

  1. Hi there!

    Why the aversion to subtitles? I am European but I can’t watch the original Austrian version of Funny Games without subtitles because I don’t speak German well enough.

    I love hearing the original accents – especially when I watch Asian films – and you really do get used to reading subtitles pretty quickly.

    The Funny Games remake is good but I have to tell you: the original is better. Better acting, more frightening. The same goes for Let Me In. It’s a very good remake but still not as good as Let The Right One In.

    I have a genuine question for you; I am very interested in what you might think:

    When I watch the remake of 2011 U.S. remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), I saw really no difference between the Swedish version and the American remake. The American version is even set in Sweden. The remake cost $90m to make and took $233m at the box office, so it was a big hit and very worthwhile for the studio and distributers. But why is the remake necessary? Why aren’t Americans clambering to see the original when they hear it’s very good? Is it the subtitles – because the film good be watched in dubbed format? Is it the unknown Swedish actors? Is it a combination of those or something else?

    It’s a very interesting topic. Please answer!

    All the best

    1. Dear Shimky,

      Thank you for your interest in my post. I used to be a reader until I developed sight problems,which is why I watch a lot of film and television, (now). I don’t usually watch films with subtitles because I literally can’t see them! And if I do try and watch them up close I get a headache from reading them.

      This is probably why my film reviews are short as well.

      Interestingly enough I came across a dubbed version of the Millennium series and watched all of the originals, dubbed in English by swedes with thick accents years before the Daniel Craig version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was released. My opinion is that the original, even though it was dubbed was better than the remake, it is often the case with remakes which is why I am pleased that Michael did the remake himself for Funny games.

      The dubbing can often be atrociously executed which is probably why some people just wait for a remake or some people may not know that the film even exists because it did not gain mainstream publicity in the viewers particular area.

      It will remain a mystery I suppose. Thank you for your contribution to my blog.

      1. That certainly explains the switch in your case. I’m having a similar problem – I’m losing my hearing and very often need subtitles now to augment my understanding of what’s being said.

        It really is a mystery why foreign films are not so popular in the States. I think it may be something to do with the fact that in Europe, all our neighbouring countries (states) speak a foreign language – so we’re used to it – whereas in the U.S., states feel like separate countries but everyone speaks the same language.

        Many thanks for replying!

    2. One of my friend’s only has one eye and this means he cannot read subtitles. Also I have noticed that some films (REC is a good example) are so fast paced it is hard keeping up with the subtitles AND the action – and so it can deter from the action sometimes.

      I have no aversion to subtitles at all, but I thought I’d say why some people don’t like them! 🙂

      I would never, ever watch an Asian film in English. Ever! (except a Studio Ghibli maybe) Totally agree with you!!!!

      I found both Funny Games movies to be pretty much identical but I did think the US version seemed slightly more sexualised – would you agree with this? Naomi Watts.

      I think I kind of preferred Let Me In to Let the Right One In but only because I preferred both actors. I didn’t really like Oscar in the Swedish version.

      Would you call the US film a remake though? Only wondering because it was based on a book, so is ‘remake’ the right word? Adaptation maybe?

      Please don’t think I’m arguing!! I love discussing and sharing ideas 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Hi Emma

        Am I allowed to reply after 2.5 years?! My response times are a bit slow, sometimes. 🙂

        I agree with you, the U.S. version of Funny Games is definitely more sexualised.

        You are also right about adaptation versus remake!

        I hope you are still blogging? It looks like you haven’t posted in a year or so? I hope it has nothing to do with your eyes getting worse?

        I just revamped my site with a new theme and did my first film review in over a year. It felt great! I always get a kick out of finding a good film and sharing it.

        All the best

  2. Great review and I love the banner pic!!! SCARY!

    I’ve watched both the US and original version of Funny Games and they are literally identical except the US one seemed marginally (marginally!!!) more sexualised.

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