The place beyond the pines


Derek Cianfrance has done it again with this spectacular multi generational film.

Superbly acted by it’s main cast ,(just ignore EVA and don’t let her ugliness and lack of talent detract from this cinematic masterpiece).

Ryan and Bradley did fantastic jobs in their respective roles.

Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn, why do you keep playing the same character over and over again when we all know that you have an exceptional range and talent which hollywood is yet to utilize.

Also I personally think that Ray Liotta has seen better days he should step up to the plate and put some effort into  his roles for a change,we know that he can deliver, that is the hard truth.

A place beyond the pines is difficult to watch, at times it seems boring, (R 140 min), and the astute among us probably guessed the main plot mid way through the film.

Having said that, the ending is spectacular as the director somehow slowly builds a mood that engages the viewer with the main characters in such an emotional way that by the end of the film we are immersed in their reality and boom! the finale smacks you down. I will not lie, at the end of this film I was in tears and Derek certainly knows how to deliver his art to the viewer in a sensational manner.

I give this film an 8 out of ten for spectacular performances from Ryan and Bradley as well as outstanding direction by  Derek.


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